Plant protection

Crop Master Distribution LLC offers complex plant protection systems for main agricultural crops, which proved to be effective and economical, and many agricultural companies used them so far.

Plant protection systems ensure full protection of the plant on all stages of its development, starting from soil preparation, sowing and germinating, tillering and first leaves, until harvesting. They make an important component of production intensification, significantly increasing the productivity of crops.

Along with the chemicals that are part of the protection systems developed by us, we offer a wide range of different products that help to solve all possible problems arising in the process of growing and harvesting.

Our experienced agronomists provide complete information on the timing and rates of application of each product, depending on the crop and soil characteristics.

All chemicals are officially registered in Ukraine and have all the necessary permits.

Our products have proved to be high-quality and effective means of plant protection and competitive to the best world analogues due to the perfect system of quality control of chemicals. The Swiss company SGS performs quality control at all stages of production, from the purchase of raw materials and to the certification of the final product.

* for all questions regarding the price of the program and financing, contact the CMD LLC representative +380 44 254 3411