Soybean is a universal crop for its biochemical composition. Soybean seeds contain on the average 33-52% of proteins, 25% of semi-drying oil, 24% of carbohydrates, and 5% of ash elements. It is an important food crop and it holds the first place in the world in vegetable oil production. Soy protein by its amino acid composition is close to proteins of animal origin and is well digested by both humans and animals. Soybean provides soil with nitrogen, improves its structure and is a valuable precursor for further crops in crop rotation. This culture has the highest rates of growth in world production and is one of the most profitable.

Our programs for non-GMO soya growing have been developed taking into account the specificity of soils and weather conditions in different regions of Ukraine. We offer soybean varieties highly effective in terms of protein content and yield from those provinces of Canada, where the climatic conditions are most similar to ours.

Before getting to our customers, soybean seeds are treated on the most modern equipment of the Danish company CIMBRIA. It culls weak and sick beans, accurately distributes seeds by factions. Treated soybean seeds are then treated with a fungicide and processed with microelements, which feed the seed in the first stage of growth.

Program for crop protection system, built with „Green Express” chemicals, ensures healthy development of the plant at all stages from germination and appearance of first leaves to harvesting. The effective use of plant protection products substantially increases the productivity of soybean cultivation under the program.

Given the ability of soybeans to produce nitrogen, as well as its importance for plant growth, in our program we offer a reliable inoculant Hi Stick from BASF, which provides effective nitrogen fixation.

The program includes not only seeds and chemicals, but also technology, which is controlled by our agronomists at each stage from soil preparation to harvesting. Proven technologies and agronomic experience are very important components of success, especially when growing non-GMO soybeans.

See information on „Soybean” program of 2018 in the table below:

  Chemical agentDosage, l, kg/ha  Objects
   Soybean seeds0.12
  Inoculant HiStick BASF0.4
  After sowing
  METRIX, metribuzin, 700 g/kg0.5 Non-perennial grass weeds and dicotyledon weeds
  EXTRAZIN, terbutilazin, 500 g/l0.5
  1-2 threeleaf
  BENTAGRAN, bentazone, 480 g/l1 Non-perennial dicotyledon weeds
  SOYGUARD GOLD, acifluorphen, 214 g/l1
  ESCORT OIL, surfactant0.8
  KARATEL, lambda-cygalothrin, 50 g/l0.2 Tabacco thrips, Acarina, Heteroptera, Ceratocephalus, root-knot nematodes
  10 days after precursory treatment
  GRAMIDIN, cletodim, 240 g/l0.4 Non-perennial and perennial grass weeds
  ESCORT COMPLECT, adjuvant1.2
  ALPHAZOL, imidacloprid, 200 g/l0.2 Owlet moths, Heteroptera, Ceratocephalus, pulse pod borer moth

*сорти сої та система захисту оновлюється щорічно

* soybean varieties and protection system are updated annually

** for all questions regarding the price of the program and financing, contact the CMD LLC representative +380 44 254 3411

Delivery of seeds and chemicals is performed at the expense of the CMD LLC Company.

Reliable financial partners of CMD LLC give an opportunity to get 100% financing for the program. Registration of deposit only on the fields under the program. Simple scheme of financing registration (one loan agreement for all programs and protection systems for all crops). Financing of the program is possible at 11% per annum with reference to the dollar exchange rate or at 19% per annum in UAH.

It is possible to pay in kind (grain). The company buys grain at market prices, and also provides its partners with grain storage services at elevators.