Sunflower is one of the main technical crops for the production of vegetable oil and meal. In its composition, it has 47-55% of fatty acids, 27% of carbohydrates and 20% of proteins. Sunflower meal is a valuable source of readily available protein and is comparable to soy meal. This crop is strategic for cultivation, especially for southern regions. Every year there is a small increase in the area of crops, mainly due to northern and western regions.

We developed our programs for growing sunflower taking into account the specificity of soils and weather conditions in different regions of Ukraine. When the technology of cultivation is justified, sunflower provides a stable profit, but this requires carefully developed cultivation programs and constant monitoring.

We offer the best SYNGENTA hybrids with high yield potential.

Protection system programs, built on the “Green Express” product line, ensure healthy development of plants at all stages from germination and appearance of the first leaves to harvesting.

The program includes not only seeds and chemicals, but also technology, which is controlled by our agronomists at each stage from soil preparation to harvesting. Well-developed technologies and agronomic experience are very important components of success.

See information on „Sunflower” program of 2018 in the table below:

  Chemical agentDosage, l, kg/ha  Objects
  Syngenta seeds, treated60 000
  After sowing
  PROPOZAN, propisochlor, 720 g/l2.0 Non-perennial grass weeds, dicotyledon weeds and grass weeds

  EXTRAZIN, terbutilazin, 500 g/l
  STRATEG, prometrin, 500 g/l1.0
  1-4 pair of leaves
  GRAMIDIN, cletodym, 240 g/l0.40 Non-perennial grass weeds, dicotyledon weeds and grass weeds
  ESCORT COMPLECT, adjuvant1.20
  KOMPOZIT, carbendazim, 500 g/l1.5 Phoma oleracea, Phomopsis helianthi Munt, Peronosporosys

* varieties and protection system are updated annually

** for all questions regarding the price of the program and financing, contact the CMD LLC representative on +380 44 254 3411

Delivery of seeds and chemicals is performed at the expense of the CMD LLC Company.

Reliable financial partners of CMD LLC give an opportunity to get 100% financing for the program. Registration of deposit only on the fields under the program. Simple scheme of financing registration (one loan agreement for all programs and protection systems for all crops). Financing of the program is possible at 11% per annum with reference to the dollar exchange rate or at 19% per annum in UAH.

It is possible to pay in kind (grain). The company buys grain at market prices, and also provides its partners with grain storage services at elevators.